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Register modules for lookup with persistent term

There have been several times in my years with Elixir that I’ve found a need to define a collection of modules that can be looked up as a group using some form of tagged dispatch.

Imagine an Event module that has two fields name and data. For event name, there will be a different shape of data. When you persist these events, you may want to dispatch to a different Ecto.load function or some other means to cast your data. By listing the modules, and filtering on an exported function, this can be done at runtime!

defmodule Event.Registry do
  @doc """
  Loads all `Event` modules into persistent term
  @spec load() :: :ok
  def load do
    {:ok, modules} = :application.get_key(:my_app, :modules) 
    :persistent_term.put(__MODULE__, Enum.filter(modules, &function_exported?(&1, :__event_name__, 0)))

  @doc """
  Looks up the `Event` module that exports the given `name`
  iex> load()
  iex> lookup(:hello)
  @spec lookup(name :: atom()) :: module() | nil
  def lookup(name) when is_atom(name) do
    :persistent_term.get(__MODULE__) |> Enum.find(fn module -> module.__event_name__() == name end)

In my production version, I use the event name in the key so that we can optimize away the Enum.find.